For students

This year, we are starting a very interesting project, one geared towards young people. The idea is to offer the chance to work in a different environment than perhaps they are used to and to gain experience of a new culture and langauge whilst staying with the family.


Students and teachers at the local school, El Jabalí


Students in the classroom

The bedrooms are very comfortable with a private bathroom and we provide all meals. We can also set up onward travel to different parts of Argentina, potentially to work in other places such as Patagonia. Stays range from a minimum of a week to a month and prices are affordable and tailor-made to what you want. This project is available all year round.


One of the rooms used for students, with private bathroom and the morning sun coming in!

Here is what we offer.

  • Teach English and help in a local rural school with children aged between kindergarden to age 13
  • Learn about farm life in Argentina
  • Help with the day to day tasks on the place
  • The opportunity to have daily contact with horses in a relaxed environment, from foals to groundwork, riding or perhaps even cattle work, there’s a bit of everything!
  • Get to really know another language and culture
  • Undertake the experience in a safe, ‘home-from-home’ environment

Learning horse handling basics

Whatever you choose, the main aim is to help you develop skills and gain experience that will help you in later life. Argentina is a brilliant, diverse country with so much to offer anyone willing to take advantage of it. You can mix and match so as not to limit yourself to any one option, just let us know what you are looking for!


Working cattle in the sunset